Anri Sugihara – YouTube Asian bikini model star

Anri Sugihara

– Japanese swimsuit and lingerie model
– Known for provocative model poses
– YouTube video model sensation

If you live outside of Japan and follow only the ‘mainstream’ fashion models from Asia you may not know of Anri Sugihara but for those who visit men’s blogs and websites you might already know of this attractive model or have been hearing from others on the Internet and social media about her.

She is not an adult film model as her pictures and videos while very risque consist mainly of her posing with her large breasts in bikinis and lingerie and the odd whipped cream picture which for many is by itself worth looking for her on the Internet.

Anri Sugihara is using the videos of her modelling lingerie, dresses and bikinis as a way to get the attention of viewers from within Asia and outside of Asia and yet not cross into adult film territory and so far she is doing so with great success.

She makes it clear that she does not do nudity but she certainly understands her value as a model who ‘pushes the envelope’ with her modelling as the visitors to her site and her Facebook page frequently comment on how attractive she is and the ‘thoughts’ she creates with her videos.

The challenge for Anri Sugihara is whether she will be able to maintain her ‘foothold’ in the Asian exotic fashion world and what is her ‘end game’. Some fans think that her goal is to break into mainstream television and film which is a possibility while others see her as a model who wants to become an international fashion brand ambassador.

Whatever her objective is as a model she has become a fashion model who is now known in Japan and also North America but for her to potentially break into the world of television and film she is going to have to show that she can act opposite someone with dialogue and if she does that it is very likely that she will become an even greater viewing enjoyment for her fans.

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