Risa Yoshiki | 吉木 りさ – The Woman With The Most Beautiful Face of Japanese Celebrities

Although 吉木 りさ (Risa Yoshiki) is not as active in the gravure entertainment business as she once was, her popularity still keeps her on top selling lists of DVD and photo book sales. Risa is well known for her rather racy photos and enjoying cosplay.

Risa Yoshiki 吉木 りさ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/risayoshiki
Risa Yoshiki 吉木 りさ official website: http://www.fit-fan.co.jp/artists/yosh…
Risa Yoshiki 吉木 りさ official blog: http://ameblo.jp/yoshiki-risa/
Risa Yoshiki 吉木 りさ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBPFE…

risa_yoshiki_01 risa_yoshiki_02 risa_yoshiki_03 risa_yoshiki_04 risa_yoshiki_05 risa_yoshiki_06 risa_yoshiki_07 risa_yoshiki_08 risa_yoshiki_09 risa_yoshiki_010 risa_yoshiki_011 risa_yoshiki_012 risa_yoshiki_013 risa_yoshiki_014 risa_yoshiki_015 risa_yoshiki_016 risa_yoshiki_017 risa_yoshiki_018 risa_yoshiki_019 risa_yoshiki_020 risa_yoshiki_021 risa_yoshiki_022 risa_yoshiki_023 risa_yoshiki_024 risa_yoshiki_025 risa_yoshiki_026 risa_yoshiki_027 risa_yoshiki_028 risa_yoshiki_029 risa_yoshiki_030 risa_yoshiki_031 risa_yoshiki_032 risa_yoshiki_033 risa_yoshiki_034 risa_yoshiki_035 risa_yoshiki_036 risa_yoshiki_037 risa_yoshiki_038 risa_yoshiki_039 risa_yoshiki_040

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